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Waterproof Folding Keyboard

Waterproof Folding Keyboard

The iwerkz Waterproof Folding Bluetooth keyboard is designed to be compact, durable, and most importantly, waterproof. The iwerkz Waterproof Folding Bluetooth Keyboard...

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This is the second selfie stick I have tried. The first one was from a different manufacturer and not as good as this one. I love that you can attach the shutter release cable jack into the headphone port on my iPhone, and snap a photo, or start and stop a video with the button on the sticks rubber handle.

This speaker is awesome! Great features, looks good, solid construction and sound quality is excellent. Everyone thinks it’s a water bottle until I crank it up! The volume knob on top is amazing – all volume controls should be knobs – so intuitive and much easier to use than pressing buttons to raise and lower volume. This feature alone is a game changer to me. The fact that this speaker is only $35 makes it an absolute steal! Highly recommended!

I have been using this solar charger every day for a week now. From my experience it does achieve the rated 2 amps. In full sunlight it can run my Samsung Tab 4, which is pushing the limit because it needs the full 2 amps.

 I received this as a gift, and I can tell you that this keyboard rocks! I am a college student, and I often find myself doing homework at the library or a coffee shop. Because this keyboard folds in half, it is super easy for me to bring anywhere I go. The case doubles as a stand, so I can put my iPad or iPhone into the stand while I’m typing on the keyboard. I’ve been using it for almost two weeks, and I haven’t needed to charge it. I recommend this for anyone looking for a quick, easy way to type while on the go, and unless this thing stops working, I’m probably going to buy some as Christmas gifts.  
  • I love all the options and versatility of this Self.E Stick!
  • …an absolute steal!
  • …exceeded my expectations…
  • “this keyboard rocks!”