iwerkz mapiwerkz is your source for unique, interesting, very useful, quality products. In other words, we make awesome products that you’ll actually use, love using, keep using and quite possibly tell your friends about. 

We’re based out of sunny Edmond, OK – just north of Oklahoma City. Why are we in Edmond? For one thing, being in the exact center of the United States has its advantages when it comes to shipping. Pretty much anywhere in the US is 2-3 days away, even by Ground.

Another reality is that many of us happen to have been born here. We love it. It’s a nice mix of sun, snow, dry, wet, etc. Come visit and check out a Thunder game. You’ll be happily surprised.

As for what we’re all about – you can see that in the products we make. We develop products we would, and do, actually use. We engineer them to work well and to last. We keep our company costs low so that we can sell products for far less than the big brands, even though our products are better, in many cases. Better for less. Not bad, huh? Other than that, we’re real people. We here to help and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please use the contact form to get in touch with us.

If you like testing products, please let us know that you would like to be a product tester. Any time we launch new products we make sure we test them in the hands of consumers. It means free stuff for you, as long as you’re fair in your comments and reviews. Just use the contact form and let us know you want to be a tester/reviewer and we’ll take it from there.

Many thanks – iwerkz