700 Series

mywerkz® 700 Series Premium Audio/Video accessories are manufactured with the highest quality materials, for the best possible performance, and with ease of install in mind. Have you ever struggled with getting a new cable out of the stiff, plastic package? Our easy-tear perforated back was designed to take the headache out of getting to the cable inside. With wall-mounted TVs becoming more and more popular, you’ll also find that our reduced size, all metal connectors help avoid depth issues when hanging a TV flat against the wall. No hassles—just like we like it!


700 Series HDMI® High-Speed Cable with Ethernet

  • HDMI High Speed with Ethernet
  • Full 1080P HD video resolution
  • Triple shielded for added protection against interference


700 Series Component Video Cable

  • Provides high-resolution connection to HDTV’s, Video players and DVR’s
  • Analog video cable compatible with many older HDTV’s
  • Rubber boot for added protection


700 Series RCA Audio Cables

  • Double shielded aluminum foil/copper braid
  • Nitrogen injected FPE insulation
  • Twisted pair design for superior noise rejection


700 Series Digital Optical TosLink® Cables

  • For superior sound
  • Extremely flexible
  • Impervious to noise