FlashBand – Flashing Sports Jogging Armband

Flashband - Flashing Sports ArmbandThe iwerkz Flashband jogging sports armband is designed to keep the runner safe when jogging at night or in low light conditions.

Crafted to fit most arm sizes, the FlashBand is a durable, long lasting accessory for anyone who jogs, bikes, hikes, walks, fishes, hunts – practically any outdoor activity.

Stay safe when you’re jogging, biking, hiking or walking – night or day!


  • high visibility in dark or foggy conditions
  • water-resistant
  • 3 flash settings
  • house key slot
  • double-slotted band accommodates large to small arm sizes
  • battery operated (included and replaceable)

Download the User Manual: Link

Flashband on jogger
Flashband folded out