mywerkz 3D printer filament

Looking for high quality 3D printer filament at an affordable price? mywerkz offers reliable, consistent PLA filament that performs every time.

mywerkz filament works on all 3D printers that use 1.75mm PLA. Yes, every single one.

  • less than .05mm diameter tolerance
  • 1.25″ inner spool diameter
  • vacuum sealed on extrusion with silica gel
  • 1KG rolls @ 1.75mm
  • large color selection

  • My printer says I can only use their branded filament. Is this true? No. Sure, they can tell you this, but their filament is no different than mywerkz. In fact, in many cases our filament is better quality.
  • What printers are your filament tested on? mywerkz filament has been tested on: Makerbot, Afinia, Robo3D, Monoprice and the mbot printers.  As you can see, it will work on any standard 3D printer. We even bought a cheap Chinese Makerbot knockoff to test with and it performed perfectly (well, the filament performed…the printer..not always).
  • Will this fit _____ (my) printer Short answer: yes. Longer answer: the filament itself will work with your printer as long as it uses 1.75mm PLA. Not all spool holders are the same, so check yours to determine if it will accept a 1.25″ diameter inner hole. Or, as so many others have done, you can simply print yourself a spool holder that accepts a wider variety of spool types and sizes.

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